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    Posted on January 29, 2013 by Lola Kristiani in Health & Beauty.

    Many peoples having idea that wearing of sunglasses is only to look fashionable but this idea is right up to some extend.

    Overexposure of the eyes to UV rays can lead to a variety of health problems. So in addition keeping you looking good while you’re outdoors, a pair of sunglasses may look very simple, but it can also protect you from a variety of health issues.  The actual benefit of wearing sunglasses during the sunny day is that these glasses protect you from harmful UV radiation.

    When it comes to the sunglasses, the protection against UV rays is the priority.  Sunglasses provide a wealth of benefits for all ages and types of people. They can protect the delicate eyes and skin around the eyes as well.  Apart from the harmful radiation, it also gives protection from the glare of the sun and reduces the effects of the jet lag. If you do not currently wear sunglasses, you are not doing all you can to protect your eyes and promote optimal sight. Here are some health benefits of wearing sunglasses:

    Anti-UV protection

    When we think of UV rays and our health, we tend to think of spending long periods of time outdoorthe importance of wearing sunscreen, hats and other protective measures, we have heard over and over that excessive sun exposure without proper protection can increase our risk of skin cancer. These same UV rays, however, can damage our health in other ways, by increasing our risk of developing a host of conditions that can affect our vision. Sunglasses offers guard from ultraviolet rays during sunlight. Ultraviolet (UV) light damages the cornea as well as the retina.

    No Squinting = less wrinkle problem

    Sunglasses offers guard from powerful light. When the eyes receive extra light, it obviously closes the iris. Once it has closed the iris as much as it could, the subsequently step is squinting.  Blocking out sunlight from your eyes and surrounding skin can help promote youthful looking faces with fewer wrinkles. Without having to squint outdoors, your eyes are able to relax and adjust naturally to the added brightness. Keeping the sun off allows facial features to stay healthy and sun-free.

    No dry eyes problem

    The light and heat released by the sum can dry our eyes. When our tear evaporates, good sunglasses are useful to help us moist our eyes. So your eyes will feel more comfortable with the help of good sunglasses under the influence of intensive sunlight. Your vision will also be increase if you are wearing sunglass during day time, it will keep the bright light out of your eyes and helping you to see more properly.

    Reduce eyestrain & headaches

    It is said that intensive sunlight may provoke migraines, tension headaches and other conditions. Besides, sunlight may lead to eyestrain from cornea damage. A pair of sunglasses may be helpful to eliminate eyestrain and headaches.

    Jet lag

    If you have ever traveled across multiple time zones, you know how unpleasant jet lag can be. The normal biological rhythms are disrupted by different time zones. A pair of sunglasses may be helpful through letting the body feel it doesn’t pass different time zones. Reducing exposure to UV rays may  reduce the effects of jet lag by tricking your biological clock and helping you adjust to your new time zone more quickly. So the body will less notice the change in time because sunglasses restricted the amount of sunlight.

    Fab look

    Yes, they update your look and provide a stylish way to shield your eyes from camera flashes!! Hahahaha…. Wearing sunglasses is a form of expression and personal style. Further it cannot be denied that among all the important accessories in your wardrobe, sunglasses is also a priority item. By wearing a good pair of sunglasses, you can add extra style to any outfit and helps to update your fashion. They come in virtually every shade, hue, style and more, so everyone can find their perfect fit. Pick up a new set of sunglasses today to enjoy their health benefits in style.

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