• Comforting Your Soul With a Bowl of Soup

    Posted on April 16, 2012 by Ace in Food & Beverages.

    Vegetable soup is virtually an ideal appetizer to help you lose weight. Most varieties contain 10 calories or less per serving. Plus, vegetables contain lots of fiber, which helps you feel full (and thereby prevent overeating) when you consume it before your meal.

    Soup can be good and healthy food. It can be a tasty way to add healthy beans, legumes, grains and vegetables to your diet. It’s a convenient, yet inexpensive way to add protein, vitamins, minerals and fiber to your diet. And soup is both comforting and filling.

    Soup comes in many different types, and the particular soup you choose makes a big difference in how well it will fit into your diet. Choosing a nourishing soup with healthy ingredients is actually quite simple, or you can cook soup at home to add to your daily menu.

    Eating the same soup every day for every meal can be unhealthy, since it may cause deficiencies in nutrients not contained in that particular soup. However, consuming a wide variety of healthy soups along with an overall low-calorie diet may actually be able to increase your weight loss without too much extra effort.

    Hot soup in particular has numerous health benefits. Vegetable soups are best because of their stimulating and health qualities, but soups in general are good because they help restore the necessary water balance, which in turn helps keep our blood pressure (and salt content) under control. If you keep thinking about chicken soup and its much-talked about benefits on cold and flu attacks, you would be happy to know that chicken soup (especially if homemade or organic) has anti-inflammatory effects and can help lessen the symptoms of a cold. Adding a quick bowl of soup to your meals during the cold season can help you warm up, protect your organism and avoid unnecessary calories.

    Soup nourishes the body from within and helps in combating a number of diseases. Anytime of the day is the perfect time for savoring a piping hot bowl of soup to satisfy your soul. Instead of stewing or frying vegetables, cooking it directly in soups is much more nutritional. And besides, it contains very less calories which again makes it the most preferred diet for dieters.

    Enjoy a bowl of soup tonight and feel the comfort inside your tummy…


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