• Pamper Your Feet

    Posted on May 15, 2012 by Lola Kristiani in Rest & Relax.

    You may not realize that your feet do a lot of work for you through out the day. They take you where ever you need to go, sometimes with 15 cm high heels, or more! Chasing the bus, running on the stairs, dancing in the club, geez I’m sure they will scream out loud.

    Many people only give their feet some attention when they feel some pain and aches caused by overexertion, or after a long walk. In all this hustle and bustle of your daily, your feet can get very tired.

    Follow these steps below on how to pampering your tired feet:

    1. Footbath => Prepare lukewarm water, add two drops of lavender essential oil, and soak your feet in it for 15 minutes. This is not only just relaxing, it’s also refreshing your feet, and it’s also a way to get rid of feet odor. So, after a long day walking with your shoes, it will be a ritual before you hit the bed.
    2. Foot Cream => If you apply a moisturizer after you shower, bath or after soaking your feet, it will help the cream to absorb better in your skin. Use nourishing foot cream every night and have smoother feet.
    3. Cut Your Toenails => A proper pedicure is very important therefore save yourself some time at lease once in every two weeks and cut your nails straight. Trim them in a nice shape, make sure that you have left no sharp edges that may cause inflammations.
    4. Make it Up => Put your tired feet up for few minutes to relax.  Put them above two or three pillows. Elevated feet helps in getting relief from tired and swollen feet.
    5. Massage => Getting regular foot massage helps stimulate the circulation of blood, and off course it feels so good. You can, and should massage your feet regularly, because the stronger and more limber your foot muscles are, the less likely they are to feel tired.

    Feeling fresh and have a beautiful healthy feet are the benefits you’ll get if you following the tips above regularly. So, ready to walk again?

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